Sunday, November 18, 2007

News you can Use

Due to the wonderful generosity of my parents, I get my best news-fixes on the weekends. On Saturday, my favorite magazine (The Economist) arrives. It's a slightly conservative take on the world, and brilliantly written. Then on Sunday, my favorite newspaper arrives - the Sunday Times. Decidedly more liberal, and slightly less brilliantly written...but it has a Style section which more than makes up for that.

I spend a good part of my weekend reading the conservative Economist and the Liberal Times and come up with my own wacky-middle-ground-compromise-see-it-both-ways views.

So, I should like Hillary, right? A nice centrist Democrat.

But I don't. I'm trying. But I don't.

I watched this week's debate in Vegas with great anticipation. Maybe she would "wow" me. Nope. She scared me. The minute she finished her answer on Iran, I realized that I had to find a candidate to support and QUICK. I do not want her running our country. I'd *love* a woman president - don't get me wrong. But not her.

A liberal friend and I were joking the other day that we should probably start researching the Republicans. Then we realized we weren't joking....Huckabee might send women/gay/civil/environmental rights back a few decades but he won't get us all killed in another senseless war.

I've think I've got it narrowed down to Edwards and Obama. Kuchinich creeps me out. Biden is super-smart and I like to hear him speak...but he's not presidential to me. Richardson is too slick for me and he doesn't speak well. I was interested in Gravel, but he appears to have disappeared.

If I were Edwards and Obama, I'd make a deal. I'd join forces NOW. Run as a package deal. Edwards/Obama or Obama/Edwards - I don't care.

Anyone but Hillary.

Daughter D. is set on Obama. My friends seem to lean towards Edwards.

What's a middle-of-the-road Democrat to do?

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