Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A good day for NPR fans

One of the highlights of my week is "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me."

I've never seen "Dancing With Stars" or "The Amazing Race." I can't tell you who is on "American Idol" or "Survivor." But I can name every single "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" panelist. I love them all.

I'm a card-carrying NPR geek, and Wait Wait... is simply the best NPR show. Ever.

So imagine my glee when I discover that Peter Segal has a blog!

And there I learn that there is an article about him:

And I even got to hear the end of his piece on All Things Considered today that cut out due to technical difficulties.

One of these days, I'm going to call into the show. Then, not only will I have Ari Shapiro on my answering machine - I'll have Carl Kasel too. Really - what more could a girl want?


Diva Mom Vicki said...

How are we friends, seriously? I can name every American Idol finalist and Bittyman can tell you who got voted off last night's Dancing with the Stars.

No idea what the heck your post is about as I've never listened to NPR.

Bet you're not a FOX news watcher either.

That's OK. You did your job as my Maid of Honor perfectly, keeping a Coors Light in my hands at all times! :)

Paul and Andrea said...

You know, I never really got over Bob Edwards. My love for NPR has never quite been the same.

K said...

Oh Andrea, I hear you. It took me years to adjust to morning without Bob Edwards. I cried so hard on his last day.

And Vicki, it's a safe bet to say I'm not a FOX news watcher. : )

LisaS said...

I was listening to the Bob Edwards Show on xm the other day (online version: $7/month, I'm contemplating it while enjoying the free trial) and wanted to cry. I miss his voice starting my morning so much.

and I want to call in, too .... but in a week when I've been listening ... I don't tune the radio there so much anymore because I'm sick of the presidential horse race already and the war in Iraq ... forever.