Friday, March 30, 2007

3rd time's a charm?

I started blogging many, many years ago. I started out using full names and posting pictures, thinking "oh my, the internet is so cool and full of nice people!"

Then I realized that someone had reached my blog by googling a term I didn't ever want to see associated with our family and I freaked out and shut the whole thing down.

But, I missed it so, I started up again...this time with a password-protected blog. But I was using full names and pictures, still.

Then, I realized that Google might someday, somehow track password protected things, and my very private daughter might not appreciate that so I freaked out and shut the whole thing down. Again.

But, I still miss it. I miss writing little stories about the kids and letting the far-away relatives have a glimpse into our day-to-day life. 12 years ago, we chose to move far, far away from our families. Overall, it's been a good choice. We love our city and our life.

But, you do miss out on a lot, being so far away. We are heading back east this week to visit my parents and I'm starting to realize how much I don't manage to convey in telephone conversations and emails. Sure, I told them about son D and his imaginary friend, "Tommy." But they've missed the build-up. They missed the day that "Tommy's" cousin died and son D was inconsolable for an entire morning. They missed the day that "Tommy's" 16 year old sister "Adeena" had a baby, putting me in the precarious position of explaining to my 4 year old son why 16 year old imaginary sisters of imaginary friends might not want to have children so young.

And they missed his answer: "But Mama, 'Tommy' and 'Adeena' have really great grandparents. Adeena is going to give the baby to their grandparents. Their Nana and their grandpa will take care of the baby until Adeena wants it. Maybe when the baby is 10, Adeena will want it back."

For those playing along at home, 'Tommy' is 10 and goes to 'soccer elementary school.' Tommy loves vegetables and never, ever has tantrums. He doesn't have to ride in a car seat and he always scores a goal in his daily soccer games. He has an older sister 'Adeena' who is 16. (and evidently very popular with the boys...) He has super-hero grandparents who seem to save him from any prediciament he (or his sister) land in.

So, my inspiration for jumping back in is basically someone who doesn't exist. Thanks, Tommy.....wherever you are.

I'm not going to use names or post pictures. If I post a private story, I'll use a password. I think I can keep the stories about Daughter D to a minimum...or maybe just get her permission before telling any personal stories.

We'll see. I'll probably just freak out again in a few months and pull the whole thing for the third time. But maybe not.


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