Friday, November 23, 2007

Dreaming of a White Thanksgiving...

I'm quite convinced that there is a child-mood-enhancing narcotic added to snow. (It is a white, powdered substance, no?)

We got *maybe* an inch of snow yesterday. Maybe. But the kids acted like we'd just won the lottery. Son D woke up at 5 AM. He was so excited to see snow that he simply had to wake us up too. Perhaps if I'd been cooking a turkey, I'd have been glad to wake at that hour. But since Whole Foods was cooking the bird for us this year, I'd have been just as glad to sleep in. Maybe until 6.

The kids raced outside immediately after breakfast. We didn't hear from them for over an hour. (At what point can I just go back to bed? It's not like I'm supervising them...yes, we live in one of 6 neighborhoods left in the country where all the children roam free. Our friends on the coasts think we are terribly negligent...) They took their sleds and attempted to slide down one of our trees.

After our delicious meal (Thank you Whole Foods!), I broke down and took them sledding-for-real. We walked over to the golf course and found the biggest hill and they zoomed down until I was too cold for any more. (it was in the 20s all day...I know it is winter, but it takes me a while to get used to it.)

I think this is the first "white Thanksgiving" in recent memory. The kids definitely approved. Me, I'm hoping that the first flakes of the next storm fall mid-morning so I can get my beauty rest.

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LisaS said...

snow is nice, but reading this makes me so glad I live in MO, not WI.

I just don't like being cold.