Sunday, January 27, 2008

Winter Weekend Photos

How to dress fashionably for the -25F windchill...

After 13 years of living in Wisconsin, I've learned that the only way to deal with winter up here is to embrace it. Go outside every day. Take the kids out every day.

And a funny thing happens when you do that. You start to really like winter. We have been outside all weekend - skiing & skating. Tomorrow, we are going to go snowshoeing and sledding.

The only downside? The laundry. Do you have any idea how many layers and changes of clothing occur in an active family of four who try to ski, sled and skate in one weekend?


Diva Mom Vicki said...

Methinks all that cold has given you brain freeze!

I don't take the boys out if it gets below 32F! My blood has really thinned since moving to the desert.

LisaS said...

the snow looks great. unfortunately, what we've mostly had is cold and grey and rain. not conducive to enjoyment.

of course, we're predicted to get 5-8 inches tomorrow afternoon/evening.