Friday, January 18, 2008

Dear local media:

I realize that there is a big football game in Wisconsin this weekend. Really, I do. And the sports page should be ALL about that. I get it.

But it seems that over the course of the last few days, *all* the news is about the Packers. I turned on the TV this morning to get today's weather. But alas, all I could get was the forecast for the Packer game tomorrow night.

Then the Governor came on the news. There's been lots of news about the state budget lately, so I stayed to listen. Did he make a comment about the budget? No. But he *did* tell us what he'd be wearing for the Packer game on Sunday.

(Hopefully something warm. The forecast this weekend is for - 20 wind chills.)

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Diva Mom Vicki said...


Dan is so homesick for all the Packer media. You two should have switched places for the week. You could have met Bubba last night - he called me personally to invite me to Hillary's rally!