Thursday, January 3, 2008

How did we follow politics before the web?

I keep refreshing this web page.

Every time I do, Obama gets a little bit ahead. Yippee!

What I'd love to see?

Obama in first
Edwards a very close second
Hillary a very far away third

I guess we'll know in an hour or two.

Last night, Daughter D asked "Mama, when's Daddy getting home?"
I answered: "Soon, why?"
D: "Because I need someone to explain the periodic table of the elements to me and it looks like science and math so you probably shouldn't try."

So, I was particularly happy to hear this exchange tonight:

D: "Daddy, what's a caucus?"
him: "Go ask your mother."

Between the two of us, we should have her education covered.

Back to caucus-results-stalking for me. You know it's something when I actually - for a split second - think "gee, it would be fun to live over in Iowa tonight." Do you think I could reside there for one night every four years? Husband D. suggested that I could drive over for the evening and try to convince someone I lived there. I'm not sure that would be legal, though.


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Bridgett said...

Looks like you've got a little spam going on there....

But what I was going to say is those are two wonderful exchanges about education with your daughter.

K said...

Yes, I can't figure out to delete it, so I'm just pretending I have a secret European admirer or something. why anyone would want to span here, I can't imagine!

I'll need to figure out how to add that "type a fake word" verification feature...