Tuesday, January 15, 2008

clean sweep

Normally, as a rule, I try not to make threats that I can't follow through on. But sometimes....sometimes, the opportunity presented is just too great.

My entire family arrives in 2 days for a wonderful long-weekend visit. My sister will be staying in our basement guest room, otherwise known as the kids' playroom. Imagine a room that can go from perfectly clean to "wall-to-wall" legos and playmobil in a matter of minutes. Visualize a room that can be vacuumed and dusted and cleaned...but before you can say "Lego Hogwarts Castle" - the toys are back out again and you can't see the floor.

Yep, that's the room she is staying in.

I tried all weekend to get them to clean up the toys. Finally, I signed and said, "Oh well, if this room doesn't get clean, I guess Auntie I. will have to cancel her ticket. She can't possibly stay with us if she can't walk to her bed."

It was clean in 30 minutes. Like magic.

Now to convince son D. not to wake her up at 6 am every day with a drum solo...

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