Monday, April 16, 2007

so sad

When we got home today at about 1:30, Son D. and I went to get the mail. My husband's VA Tech Alumni magazine was at the top of the pile, but I didn't think anything of it. I somehow had managed not to hear any news all day.

When we came inside, I saw the emails and immediately went to CNN's website to see what had happened. Many friends and family have passed through VA Tech. My sister. His brother. A good percentage of our Northern VA high school.

How tragic. How absolutely tragic. Those poor families.

I try to shield the kids from this type of news. But I snuck some NPR this afternoon. I didn't think they were listening. When D. met the kids and I at the park before dinner, the first thing his son said to him was, "Daddy, there was shooting at your engineering school today and lots of people are dead." I guess they really do hear everything.

This led to a bit of a discussion about "bad guys" and what to do if they ever see a gun.

My heart goes out to the parents and families of those students today. I can't even imagine. In my worst nightmare ever, I can't even imagine.

I mean, when we have the "what to do when you see a gun" talk with the kids, I don't actually think they will ever in their life really see a gun. It's all a bit 'never-gonna-happen-worst-case-scenario' for me. We don't even hunt. (In Wisconsin, that makes us a bit unusual.) I'm sure that the Tech parents never once imagined this, either.

So sad. So very sad.

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