Monday, April 23, 2007

Perfect weekend

It was one of those perfect Madison weekends. The kind that makes you feel like you'd live through 7 months of winter to experience a weekend like this one. Oh, wait, I did live through seven months of winter before getting to experience a weekend like this one. Funny how that works...

It was glorious. We went to the first Farmers Market of the year and listened to every street musician and visited almost every booth. There's not much actual *food* at the first market of the year, it's more of an experience.

Daughter D. and I both got new bikes, and went on some fun family bike rides.

The kids started swimming lessons this weekend, and our eldest even signed up for the neighborhood swim team.

I took a panda and a leopard to the zoo.

I also got to ride on the carousel with the panda/leopard pair.

Son D. had his second soccer game. Even though they don't keep score, he keeps score all by himself and knows EXACTLY how many goals the other team made. He has calculated that his team has lost their first two games, but he doesn't seem too upset about it.

I managed to sneak in a 10 mile run, and I think I'm all set for next month's half marathon.

And finally, After 12 years of marriage, we finally bought our first set of grown-up furniture. (Instead of the usual hand-me-down or "Ikea-assemble-it-yourself" variety of stuff we've had in the past)

Life is good. Winter is gone and spring is here!

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Paul and Andrea said...

Hee hee! Paul and I bought bedroom furniture last summer - dresser, chest, and bed (head, foot, and side boards for a king), all in nice wood. We said that even though we'd been married 8 years, had one kid and one on the way, we knew it was *really* serious now that we'd bought grown-up bedroom furniture together.

Enjoy your new grown-up furniture!