Sunday, April 15, 2007


I couldn't put this article down today:

He is so right. How can we win the "war on terror" when we are funding it? I especially liked the part in which he outlines the positive energy changes that Bush implemented when he was Governor. It gives one hope for the future. Although Friedman correctly points out that as President, Bush has been an utter disaster.

In my alternate life (the one in which I didn't manage to get married, have two wonderful children, and move from DC to Wisconsin), I imagine that I'd be an international economist working on this very issue with Thomas Friedman.

But in this actual life of mine, I just read this article over and over and think "I'd better start my composting project soon, and maybe we can start riding our bikes to the farmer's market instead of driving."

Daughter D. got her report card on Friday. Forgive me if I lapse into annoying parent bragging mode (but if you are reading this, there is a 90% chance you are related to me, which makes bragging allowed, no?) She's in first grade, and according to the report card, she is reading at a 5th grade level. So, even though math and science are what make her tick, she is picking up a bit of my love for reading.

Maybe we can just sneak her into middle school next year, and get her on a fast track to solving the world's energy problems. It doesn't look like our generation of leaders is taking this seriously. We may have to put all our hopes on D. and her classmates to get us out of this mess.

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