Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Swing State Commercials

Here in Wisconsin, we are now being treated to this ad:

The beginning of the ad is fine - basic differences in how McCain and Obama view education. I'm actually interested in learning more about McCain's views on education - how he sees the voucher system working - how he would flush out school choice.

But then..they go and claim that Obama wants to teach sex education to Kindergarteners.
How low can they go? That is a blatant lie.

My favorite quote from the Chicago Tribune piece:

Is Sen. John McCain against kindergartners being taught the difference between good touching and bad touching to protect children from sexual predators?

Or does the McCain campaign really have such a low opinion of Sen. Barack Obama that it actually believes he wanted to have Illinois kindergartners taught all the titillating details of human sexual anatomy.

There's another possibility, of course, that we are in the spitball phase of the campaign, where the McCain team is willing to send whatever it can Obama's way to see what sticks.

When the Republicans nominated John McCain, I was so relieved. I may not agree with him on all the issues, but at least he was a decent, honest, honorable straight-talking man who wouldn't stoop to Rove-ian tactics to get elected.

Guess I was wrong about that. Shame on you, John McCain. This is worse than some of the stuff Rove did. This is no renegade 527. This has you at the end saying "I approved this message." Shame on you.


Bridgett said...

You know, Rove's the reason McCain lost the primary season in 2000. Throughout the south, push polls asked the question, "would you vote for John McCain if you knew he had a black child out of wedlock???" And commercials were played showing him and his family and a dark skinned child--his adopted child from, I believe, Bangladesh.

In 2000, a lifetime ago, I probably would have voted for him if he'd won the primary. But every step since then, he has shaved off bits of his integrity, one by one.

Diva Mom Vicki said...

Obama has said in the past that he supports "sex education for kindergartners... it's the right thing to do... age appropriate sex education... science based"

Those are his own words, from a speech he made at PP and shown on ABC News:

I don't want my 5-year old learning about sex - even 'good touch' and 'bad touch' - in school. Those lessons will be taught by us, with his pediatrician. So the idea of Obama getting into office and pushing for my son to have sex education as part of his kindergarten curriculum sends chills down my spine.