Friday, September 5, 2008

The Clone Warzzzzzzzz

Let this be a warning: I sat through the Clone Wars so you don't have to.

I'm not sure a movie could be more boring if they set out to make a boring movie.

I told son D. that I'd pick him up at school on Friday afternoon and we could celebrate his first week of Kindergarten by doing whatever he wanted! Obviously, my first child is a girl, because in my mind he would choose a) go to the zoo; b) go to the library; c) go shopping - all fabulous choices.

But no, he chose the Clone Wars. So, to the movie theater we went. Me, my 2 kids and 2 of their friends.

It reminded me of those long boring novels that we found at the half-price book store - the novels based on the Star Wars screen plays. 300+ pages of light saber fighting descriptions with no literary value. At least the movie had pictures, I suppose. I could never tell who was a good-guy and who was a bad-guy, that made it frustrating. They all looked like the same droid to me.

But the kids loved it. Best movie they'd ever seen. I guess you need to be 8 or 5 to truly appreciate this one.

Now to get them to stop calling me their "padawan....."


Diva Mom Vicki said...

Ugh, Bittyman really wants to see this. I just can't drag myself to the theater. Might have to be a 'Day out with Daddy' kinda event.

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Yeah, that movie SUCKED. I took AB, and I was So. Bored. And what's worse is now we have 2 Clone Wars books in our house. So I have to read horrible dialogue and storyline in the privacy of my own home. George Lucas, I denounce you!