Monday, September 1, 2008

Obama takes the high road

When asked about Palin's unmarried teenage daughter's pregnancy, Obama says:

"I have heard some of the news on this and so let me be as clear as possible. I have said before and I will repeat again, I think people's families are off limits, and people's children are especially off limits. This shouldn't be part of our politics, it has no relevance to governor Palin's performance as a governor or her potential performance as a vice president. And so I would strongly urge people to back off these kinds of stories. You know my mother had me when she was 18. And how family deals with issues and teenage children that shouldn't be the topic of our politics and I hope that anybody who is supporting me understands that is off limits."

I like him more and more....

From the Atlantic


Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Oh, awesome. I hadn't seen that Obama quote yet. I even read it out loud to my husband. His reaction: "Cool."

LisaS said...

yeah. Obama gets it. and acts like he does. unusual for a politician