Friday, February 1, 2008

Why so early?

Can anyone explain to me why Edwards dropped out before super-duper-Tuesday? He wasn't my favorite candidate, but I liked having him in the race.

Case-in-point: the snoozefest of a debate last night. Clinton and Obama were falling all over themselves pretending to like each other. Not that I want them viciously attacking each other - not at all. But watching it, I felt like any-minute-now they'd burst into a verse of Kum-ba-ya.

And that fake-liking stuff? Hillary is *way* better at that than Obama is. She's got it down pat. She can say something sugary-nice and make it sound condescending simultaneously.

I suppose we can all give thanks for one thing: She may end up as our President, but at least she's not our mother. Can you imagine? That level of manipulating prose and oratorical ability combined with the innate "Oh? is that what you are wearing today?" mantra of motherhood? That would be dangerous.

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