Thursday, October 4, 2007

Visualize a cool autumn day...

This is not the weather forecast you hope to see the weekend you attempt to run a marathon (that quite frankly, you haven't really trained enough for.)

"85 degrees" and "marathon" and "chance of thunderstorms" are words that shouldn't be strung together.

And this was the best one I could find. You'd be surprised how many weather sites there are out there. One had 87 degrees on Sunday - I rejected that one right away. That won't do. Another had the lightening starting on Sunday morning. Again, that won't do. Running 26.2 miles in lightening does not strike me as a smart thing to do. (although running that far in hot weather isn't always a walk in the park, either.)

So, I'm sticking with this particular forecast. It only gets up to 84 on Sunday and the lightening doesn't start until late. I suppose I could live with that. But isn't Wisconsin supposed to be chilly in October? Aren't we supposed to be dragging out our snow pants about now?

I'll keep neurotically checking the various forecasts for the next 2 days. I bet I can find one that is 83 degrees and no lightening at all.

updated: I didn't realize when I linked to that weather graphic that it would change and be updated. So, this morning, I was thrilled when I looked and saw that the lightening has been pushed to Monday. That's progress. Now if we could just lop 20 degrees of the temperature, we'll be good to go.


Diva Mom Vicki said...

Must be that global warming... oh, wait. I live in the desert southwest and the high for Sunday is only 75F! Come run your marathon here!

Paul and Andrea said...

Ah, Texas. You know how I love to complain about my weather. We continue to have highs in the mid-90's as far into the future as the forecast will show us. This is the time of year when I think I will never feel cool air again. BLECH.

Have fun tomorrow!