Thursday, October 25, 2007

On the radio

Somehow, my east coast dad was on Wisconsin Public Radio this morning! Due to that pesky time zone difference, we missed it live, but luckily it's on the web and we are listening now. (who knew when they said 8 am to him, they meant 8 am Eastern Time??)

For all the relatives who'd like to listen it is here:

(today's 7 am Joy Cardin show)

You can use my email address and my zip code to download it. (I don't know my WPR member number..sadly...)
kpnelson (at)

Son D is sitting on my lap, completely engrossed even thought he doesn't have a clue what his grandfather is talking about. He keeps saying, "that's grandpa Jack!" and wants to know how all those people in Milwaukee know him. (It's a call-in show.) He also is asking "Who's Katrina?" and "Why is grandpa in an institute?" and "Why aren't they talking to Nana, too?"

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