Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The more things change...

A letter came home in the backpack today to let us know that they are creating a new mixed-age 2nd/3rd grade class. Evidently there are too many 2nd graders and not enough 3rd graders.

I just got back from the PTA meeting and our 2nd grade Daughter D was waiting up for me to get the details. She is now sobbing in her room - terrified of the prospect of being in a new class with a new teacher with (gasp) third graders.

I kept telling her that it would be OK. She got moved into a combined 1st/2nd class last October and it worked out wonderfully. (Although technically, she had the same teacher, so she didn't move physical classrooms - the 2nd graders came to her.)

I hope, hope, hope that we get to stay with this wonderful 2nd grade teacher we have this year. But I also know it will work out if she does get moved. We survived it last year - we'll survive it this year. (Someone please tell me how to transfer this confidence straight into my seven year old?)

At least this year, they are doing it in September. It was hard to move things around in October last year.

But really, couldn't they have sent the letter home the day AFTER my PTA meeting?
: ) It's hard enough to run these things with happy parents, you know?


LisaS said...

ugh, IHYS ... are we going to do this every year? Last year we got the phone call from the principal when we were in Cozumel last October ... this year, they finally hired another 2nd grade teacher last week, and of course, kids had to switch ... mine wasn't among them this time, though, thank goodness.

and PTA Pres = glutton for punishment?

K said...

Yes, Glutton with a capital G. Why, oh, why, do I volunteer for these things??? : )

Glad to hear your kids didn't have to switch. We are keeping our fingers crossed...