Saturday, September 22, 2007

Eating local. (in September, anyway)

Our CSA farm has a blog! They are calling it a "flog" (farmer's blog):

Big news on the blog too - soon we'll be able to get meat straight from the farm too.

As long as they don't name the chickens on the blog - that could seriously turn me back into a vegetarian...

It strikes me as odd (in a good way) that my children are growing up knowing exactly where their food comes from. Are we going back in time? Is it like that everywhere? or just in the Midwest?

Of course, this is my perspective in September, when food is plentiful. We'll be back to buying strawberries grown in Chile in January, I guarantee it.

Milk comes from Larry the milkman straight from local cows.

Cheese is from Farmer John.

Veggies are from Harmony Valley. (link above...)

Fruit is from whichever vendor at the farmers market we get to first.

It makes eating packaged food a weird experience. Don't get me wrong - we eat as many frozen pizzas (and corn dogs, and chicken nuggets, etc) as the rest of the world. And Twizzlers. Can't forget the Twizzlers.

But I can't buy fruit or veggies at the grocery store in the summer/fall any more. They taste so bland and blah compared to the stuff straight from the farm. Our milk delivery has been suspended for 2 months while they work on the plant and the kids do nothing but complain about supermarket milk (even the $6 organic kind!)

It's a lot more fun to serve food from grown by (or delivered by) a friend. long as the chickens stay nameless...

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