Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mommy, what do you do?

Saw this at APL (who saw it here, I think...)

According to this quiz, (and we all know I can't resist a quiz!) My top careers should be:
1. Communications Specialist
2. Professor
3. Management Consultant
4. Economist
5. Researcher
6. Political Aide
7. Adoption Counselor
8. Corporate Trainer
9. Market Research Analyst
10.Foreign Language Instructor

My current job is a combination of numbers 1,8,and 9. But what I wanted to be when I was a kid - my whole life until I got to college - was 11. I would have made a darn good Librarian too.

And then I'd have an answer for my kids when they asked, "Mommy what do you do?" Seriously, they think I sit at a computer and type all day long on the days when I go to work.

Actually, now that I think if it - they aren't that far off...Is it too late for my Librarian dream to come true?

But sadly, I don't think a part-time Librarian job would support my Banana Republic/Ann Taylor addiction.

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Diva Mom Vicki said...

1. Principal
2. Special Education Teacher
3. Teacher Assistant
4.Child and Youth Worker
5.Elementary School Teacher
6.High School Teacher
7.Early Childhood Educator
9.Social Worker
11.Adoption Counselor
13.Addictions Counselor
14.Music Teacher / Instructor
15.Motivational Speaker
16.Foreign Service Officer
18.Sport Psychology Consultant
19.ESL Teacher

I think yours were much more interesting!