Friday, August 24, 2007


Everywhere we turned this week, we seemed to find bad news.

Let's see:
-Our CSA farm flooded and lost $300,000.

-Our daycare provider learned that a lot of her possessions destroyed in the fire won't be covered for various fine-print reasons. She also discovered that she lost every single photo she had. They were all destroyed. She's not doing well.

-Daughter D. had horrible nightmares every night about fire. Bedtime has been a chore, but I can't blame her. It's scary stuff.

-A tragic accident occurred nearby, and a seven year old boy got to witness the death of his mother and sister. I didn't manage to hide the coverage from daughter D. - it occurred right around the corner from our old house and she recognized all the photos. We expect lightening nightmares to begin any day now. I think the boy might be a friend of my "little sister" - they live in the same block. I'm hoping we can find something to do to help.

-And finally, my PTA Prez. duties have started for another year. If I another parent contacts me to complain about something mundane and trivial, I will scream. This week, people in our community have lost homes, businesses, farms, and lives...can we just agree that the world won't end if your brilliant child is placed in a mixed age classroom??? (Or can we at least agree that I am only a Parent...and can do NOTHING about it?)

So, what else can one do, but get kittens?

If the password is working on the link, it is:
username: myfirstname
password: mylastname

Kittens make everything seem OK. They are adorable. Perhaps the world needs more kittens. (Although I daresay the Humane Society would wisely disagree with that sentiment.)

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lisa said...

Thank you for sharing the CSA information. We were very involved with the sustainable farming community in your area until a few years ago, and I didn't realize the impact of the flooding. We will be contacting several friends tonight. ~lmc