Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kittens, kittens, and more kittens

OK, the kittens are so stinkin' cute. I can't stand it.

And yes, stinkin' is an appropriate adjective here. I should have realized that when you triple the number of pets in your house, the stink will go up by a power of at least 12.

They are named. But the names changes daily.

Kitten #1: (claimed by son D)

This one started out as "snowy." Son D. paid no attention when I tried to explain that the kitten looked nothing like snow. Finally, it evolved into "Homer." My sister lives in Homer, Alaska - where it snows a lot. Son D. thought he could keep the concept of snow alive by naming it after a place with snow. In the end, he proclaimed that both the kittens must be named after major league baseball teams and anointed this one "Rocky."

Until tonight. At bedtime tonight, he told me that the kitten's real name was "Spot." And that shall be his name.

The adults in the family want to name this kitten Pongo (he looks and acts like a Dalmation) or Adidias (he also looks and acts like a soccer ball.)

Kitten #2 (claimed by Daughter D)

He started out as "Harry" because of the smudge on his nose. She thought he looked like Harry Potter. Eventually, she came to the conclusion that it was more of a smudge and for a few days, he was "Smudgy"

When the baseball pronouncement came from little brother, he became "Cubby." That name has stuck.

Until tomorrow morning, when she wakes up and finds out that her brother has abandoned the baseball naming scheme.

Why are we letting our children name these pets, anyway? If Daughter D. had her way, her brother would have been "Cinnamon" or "Tallulah"

And finally, proof that we don't fit in here in Wisconsin....

Someone asked Son D. if he wanted to name his Kitten "Lambeau" and he answered, "What's Lambeau?"

Really, we can't help it. We don't watch football. If he gets beat up in elementary school, maybe Spot will protect him.


Diva Mom Vicki said...

Dan will be happy to take D, Itty and Bitty to a Packers game whenever we make it back there! (D needs to fake being a Packer fan at the very least!)

And yes, those kittens are stinkin' cute. Too bad they grow up to be cats!

From a dog-loving Packer wife!

LisaS said...

gee, it almost makes me want another one! our kittens are over a year old now, and definitely cats.

and Spot and Cubby will work as names. Not as creative as Adidias (what did you and husband D want to name the other one?) but sufficient ... and much easier to yell across the house.

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

The kids only need to know three words: Lambeau, Lombardi, and Favre.

Can I have a kitty?!!