Sunday, August 19, 2007

High School Musical Theater

Most of my formative years were spent either rehearsing, performing, or listening to musical theater. My sister, childhood friends (including Diva Mom) and I were even in an actual group called "Kids Musical Theater"

I always loved the idea that you could instantaneously burst into song and dance whenever faced with a problem or difficult situation. I had no real talent to speak of, but I practiced hard, and anyone with 12 years of piano lessons under her belt comes in handy in a musical theater cast, even if she can't sing or dance particularly well.

I still remember the first time I saw Annie. Or heard the soundtrack to Godspell. I remember seeing Carousel in an outdoor theater. And Grease in the movie theater. Don't get me started on Oklahoma, South Pacific, or A Chorus Line. I love them all.

And so, it is quite fun to watch my own children's fascination -- No, make that Obsession - with High School Musical. We watched HMS2 tonight (recorded from Friday because we were out of town) and they sang along to every song. Our trip required 9 hours in the car. Hence, we listened to the sound track 8 times. My poor husband.

Daughter D. burst into sobs when Gabriella broke up with Troy. I tried to explain to her, "Hey! this is Disney. They'll get back together!" but to no avail. She sobbed until they actually *did* get back together.

Yes, it's hokey. And sappy. Not particularly well-acted. Very Disney-esque.

But it's Musical Theater! And my kids love it! I'll take what I can get from this generation. Perhaps I can sneak a little "Day by Day" into their iTunes "HSM/Hannah Montana" playlist....


Diva Mom Vicki said...

Don't be so modest! You have a beautiful soprano voice (and a heck of a talent on piano)!

Oh, the KMT days... wow, I'm feeling OLD!

breatnyS said...

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