Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Sick on the 4th of July

My family is currently out having fun 4th celebrations, but I'm home nursing a fever. On the bright side, it's a day off work, so there are no logistical nightmares with this illness.

I made it through the neighborhood 4th Kid Fun Run, watched the neighborhood 5K, participated in the neighborhood bike parade, went to the neighborhood BBQ and fourth Fun Fair, watched the neighborhood Softball Game, came home and collapsed. Sure enough, I had a slight fever. So I'm resting.

I've managed to read a great book (Vonnegut's Man without a Country) and watch a great movie (Seven Up and 7 plus Seven)

But now I'm tired of resting. I don't rest well.

Vonnegut's book was amazing. I couldn't put it down. Thanks to the fever-mandated-rest, I got to read it all in one setting.

The 7-Up series should be required viewing for anyone interested in education/child development/race & class in society. A director follows a group of 14 British children from various backgrounds, visiting them every 7 years. The changes between the ages of 7 and 14 were striking. I've already got the next group of movies (21, 28, 35, 42, in my netflix queue)

Tomorrow daughter D. starts at Horse Camp.

Must go rest....


ingrid said...

You forgot to mention how your fabulous younger sister hooked you up with that documentary :) As all but one of the kids in the documentary are white, it is a very interesting comment on class issues. and an eye-opening realization that in this country, often skin color effects class. And also that in our capitalist society, success and happiness are financially based. We got it wrong somewhere along the way. sigh. and scooter libby goes free....

LisaS said...

okay, I'm jealous of daughter D. I wanna go!!

K said...

Yes, fabulous younger sister! thanks for recommending it. 21-up just arrived today and I can't wait to watch it. What an amazing series.