Friday, July 27, 2007

Another day, another fever

Not to be outdone by her younger brother, Daughter D. got her own fever at about 4 o'clock this morning. (Why do children's fevers always come in the middle of the night?)

My children have watched more TV in the last 24 hours than they have watched in the previous two months combined.

Normally, I'm pretty strict on the TV. During the school year, they don't get to watch any TV during the week, at all.

But when illness strikes - all such rules disappear. Bring on the TV! 24 hours straight of TV!

This time, I've even let them watch some "big kid" shows. And I must admit that I'm developing an odd affinity for Hannah Montana. Who knew Billy Ray Cyrus was still around?

I've spent my day discovering "FaceBook" - and help, is there anyone out there who can explain it to me?

I work in the field of technology marketing and recently, I've been hearing a lot of buzz about the different aps built for FaceBook, so I decided to check it out.

I've figured out a few things:
1) I'm about 15-20 years older than anyone else there
2) The groups seem really cool - I even found a group for the marathon I'm running
3) Every single one of our babysitters has a page
4) The babysitters have 400 friends. Each. I have 4 (and two of them are related to me!)

If anyone else is on there and can help me figure it out, please help! I'm the "K*risten N*elson" in the Madison network. (Stars added to keep me out of Google!)
What's a wall? What's a nudge?

god, I'm so uncool.


Diva Mom Vicki said...

I've got a MySpace page and I'm up to 67 friends! (Of course most of them are various bands, comics and even a few Saints, but hey, I'm still cool in my mind!)

Hope the kiddos get well soon. Summer sickness stinks!

K said...

For some reason, I just can't do myspace. I think I'd be 30 years older than anyone there...

Until, of course, the kids grow up and get myspace pages. then I will surely have to get one! : )

...and Saints are on the web? who knew?