Friday, May 30, 2008

lunch bunch

Laura and Elizabeth ask how the rising food/gas prices are effecting everyone.

As I was packing daughter D's lunch this morning, I realized that one thing we are doing is stretching out the time between grocery store trips. This leaves us with a few days of eating whatever is around. (The good stuff goes right away. Strawberries have a shelf life of about 30 minutes in our house.)

I really hope that no adults I know were in her lunchroom today. I'm also hoping corn chips will qualify as a vegetable. We were pretty much out of all things animal, vegetable or mineral. I searched through the pantry. "Aha! Pinto beans! I could pack those with some crackers!"

I didn't go that far, but her lunch was pretty much 100% out of the cupboard today. The fridge was bare. I did find some raisins. That's about all that had nutritional value in her lunch today.

Finally, we broke down and headed to the co-op this afternoon to get some supplies of the fruit/vegetable variety.

I'm just going to have to start rationing the strawberries.

(and yes, we are still splurging for the organic I guess we haven't been hit too hard. yet.)


Diva Mom Vicki said...

Dan doesn't have a choice about how much he drives. So as gas prices increase, the amount of driving I do decreases. Gone is throwing the boys in the car and driving around until Ittyboy falls asleep. Or driving 25 miles across town to the cool dinosaur-themed park.

Lots more 'creative pantry' meals here too, as we stretch the grocery budget!

Bridgett said...

Please keep up with the organic strawberries--the FDA approved a new fungicide in use for the first time this year on a trial basis. I'm not going to be their "trial."

We're doing the same thing. The end of the school year lunches were a lot of peanut butter scraped across tortillas, with dried cranberries and some iffy carrots...

Jennifer said...

This sounds a LOT like our house. My kids lunches today were jelly sandwiches. We were out of peanut butter. ;)