Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Alert the NRA

Son D. has begun a fascination with all-things-Star-Wars. It started innocently enough. A paperback book from Barnes & Noble, read at bedtime. But soon it branched into other books.

And then, of course, Legos. Oh, the Legos. So far, we've managed to get by with the tiny character Lego sets. A Storm-Trooper here; A Darth Vader there. As soon as he realizes that they sell enormous Lego sets of the entire ships, we're toast.

He hasn't seen any of the movies yet. So far he seems content with books and Legos.

But this morning, it was "sharing day" at his preschool. He insisted on bringing a Lego StormTrooper (who happens to be carrying a Lego-sized gun.) I refused, gently explaining all the reasons we can't bring guns to preschool.

A tantrum ensued, culminating in a full-body, full-volume shriek of, "IF I CAN'T BRING MY GUN TO SCHOOL, THEN I'M NOT BRINGING ANYTHING." Nice. Yep, that's how we're raising our boy in this uber-pacifist household.

In the end, he brought a book. A Star-Wars Book.

I caught the first 3 movies when I was a kid, but I'm woefully behind on the rest of the series. Who is this Anakin? This Padme? When did Ewan McGregor become Obi Wan? I'm more of a "Luke & Leia" era girl, myself. (Didn't they use light sabers? What's with all the Lego guns?)


LisaS said...

Boys and weapons ... we're pretty pacifistic around here, too, but it seems to be how they're wired. A mom quoted in the paper said that fighting their bent towards weapons was like fighting gravity. And that would seem to be the case ....

If I remember correctly, only the Jedi use light sabers. I think everyone else used guns. I know Han, Chewy, Leia, and the storm troopers did.

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Been there. AB knows he can't take in his bigger Lego ships to show & tell (it's too likely we'll lose some pieces), so he's brought in the mini Lego Anakin and R2D2. And he has other small SW action figures, too. He's taken in the Chewie and the 3PO. But he knows he can't take in Han, because the blaster (Han always used a blaster, don't forget) is attached to Han's hand and can't be removed. The preschool policy is no weapons.

I think I might have to find some Star Wars books...

You didn't miss anything by not seeing the prequels.

Suzanne said...

We just had a conversation at bedtime about when my son can see the movies. Oh, I don't know, 13? I guess I'll give in before then. For now, we have the toys and numerous books, all of which have spilled the beans about the Big Important Secrets of the series.

Like APL said, the most recent movies were, unfortunately, awful.

Colette said...

Star wars - My dh loves it can't get enough asked me for S could buy him some more DVD's of Star wars for Father's Day - he already has a box set. We will see......

Its toys are no longer just toys but seen as a weapon e.g at your son's preschool.

Rachel said...

My sister, her son and I were at a neighborhood block party. One of the other parents asked what he was into these days. My sister told of how anything with wheels and/or tracks could hold his attention for hours. "Oh yes," the neighbor said, "I remember that. Next comes guns. And after that is dinosaurs. Nothing you can do to stop it." For my sister, who won't allow cammo or anything else "weapons" related, this was sad news.

Diva Mom Vicki said...

Bittman just received all 6 Star Wars DVD's as his 5th birthday present from us. (He had the original 3 on video which were all but worn out.)

He loves the original 3 movies and the first of the new ones (where Anikin is a young boy). But he hasn't watched the other 2 of the prequels - they are pretty graphic. We'll save those for later.

I tried to fight guns in the house for the longest time. But after a 3-year-old Bittyman came up to me and started shooting with a number 7 wooden puzzle piece I figured it was a losing battle. But we do emphasize 'playing' guns and how real guns can hurt or kill people.

Dan grew up in a family of hunters so he's much more comfortable with guns than I am.