Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hope springs eternal

For the first time in 10 days - no one had a fever at our house! No one threw up at 3 am. No one woke up in a cold sweat. I slept an entire night. An entire night!

Life is good.

Husband D was in China while the kids were sick, so this was a particularly rough patch. But he is back and the kids are healthy and I got to go to work today. For the whole day. ("Who are you?" they asked, when I arrived...) After 8 days of being house-bound with sick kiddos, going to work is a supreme paradise. Hell, leaving the house is idyllic!

There was one night in which the kids' illnesses overlapped. I swear one of them woke up every hour - either to vomit or in a fever-induced sweat or needing medicine or a drink of water, or to vomit again.

I nearly lost my mind. Sleep Deprivation + Temporary Single Parenthood + The Smell of Vomit, refreshed every hour = One Crazy Mama.

But it's over. We made it. They're healthy again.

And tomorrow is spring!

(shh...don't talk about the 6 inches of snow we are supposed to get on Friday...let's just wallow in the happiness of welcoming spring without influenza B in the house!)


Bridgett said...

You have just described the last week of January for me. One crazy mama indeed. Glad all is better.

LisaS said...

glad to hear everyone's well! and I've got my fingers crossed for NO SNOW! anywhere!