Monday, December 17, 2007

No wonder we're so gung-ho on public schools...

Another day, another magazine ranking of Madison as a "best place to ______" (insert: live, eat, bike, run, be organic or go to school,...depending on the publication)

This time it's Forbes and we're #2.

Personally, I don't put much weight in these rankings. I'm convinced the magazine people come to Madison in late June, (when it is beautiful) fall in love with the place, and then insert it into whatever article they are writing.

And frankly, Madison public schools, although great, have a lot of challenges and remain underfunded. The student population gets needier and needier each year as those with money flee to the suburbs. If this is the best in the nation, I daresay we are all in trouble.

But according to Forbes, husband D. and I were educated in the #1 area for education, and are raising our children in the #2 area for education. So at least that explains why we feel so strongly about public education? maybe?

I also wonder if they took out the suburbs (or "surrounding areas") from their analysis if DC and Madison would have fared so well.

At least it gives the local news something to talk about.


LisaS said...

The St. Louis area was ranked #9.

The St Louis Public Schools--about 7% of the total school-aged population in the metro area--were taken over by the state last Fall, and two smaller districts are also under state control. At least 3 or 4 others in the inner-ring suburbs are in danger of falling into their hands, as well.

I think the availability of private education played a big part--we have great private options for those who can afford to pay college tuition for 17 years instead of the usual 4. Which would be the readers of Forbes, by definition.

I'm skeptical about how the rest of us will fare.

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