Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Internet and Obama

We lost internet connectivity for almost 4 days (on and off.) You have no idea how much you use the internet until it is gone. But it is working now.

Daughter D. asked me how to spell a word earlier tonight and I told her we couldn't look it up because the internet was down. She accepted that with no questions.

It is time for my annual minuscule political contribution of the year. Oddly, I have started basing my contributions on whatever cause Daughter D. is most passionate about at the time. This year - it's all Obama - all the time. (Is she watching Oprah when I'm not paying attention?)

She is adamant that we need a change. She pointed to a book of US Presidents and said, "They are all white men. We need a change." I suggested she may want to learn more about Hillary, but she felt that wasn't enough of a change. She pointed out that her husband was already President, and moreover, "Chelsea already got to live in the White House 2 times. It wouldn't be fair for her to live there again." (In her world, daughters live with their mothers forever.)

She's back to reading MLK biographies again. She's insistent that we need a leader who is somehow different than the people in power now. She also told me that "we need a change in how people get to be rich or poor." She concluded that "An African-American president would give lots of poor people hope and everyone would have to listen to him because he is the President."

We watched the Republican debates together. She took one look at the stage and said, "They all look the same. They aren't about change."

From her mouth to my credit card. I made a (very small) donation to Barak Obama.

On the internet, of course.


Rachel D. said...

I forwarded my bro-in-law a copy of this post. He is an Obama-fanatic. Just about the only thing I've seen him get riled up about. Here's his response .... "thanks makes me feel less crazy. if he loses i can console myself by hanging around with 2d graders who agree with me about stuff---except music i suppose, though wilco has now endorsed obama." He'd like to know if D. is willing to go door-to-door with him and his 2 yr old son! :)

Jennifer said...

Your daughter sounds very wise.

(We're Obama backers here, too! :) )

LisaS said...

I'm still underimpressed by the lot of them. No donations here, just cynicism.

Of course, my 2nd grader likes Obama, too. Could it be we're getting old?