Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day

I turned on one of the morning news shows on Friday as I was picking up the kitchen. They were doing a Father's Day story, of course.

And the man they chose to profile - What was his great achievement? Did he climb Mount Everest? Did he cure cancer? Did he father 18 children? Was he serving in Iraq away from his kids?

No. The man that was profiled on the Today Show (Or Good Morning America...or whatever one it was)...he (drumroll please) Came Home For Dinner.

Some work-a-holic executive decided to change his life by getting home in time for dinner each night.

This justifies a 15 minute feature?

I expect Anderson Cooper or Barbara Walters to be on the phone for husband D. any minute now. For not only has he been home for a family dinner (almost) every night for the last 7 years...but he also plays with the kids while I make dinner. After enjoying a meal with his family, he does all the dishes. All of them. I haven't washed a dish since giving birth.

I'm sure Mr. "Come Home for Dinner" is a very nice man and a good father, but the way this news show portrayed him made him sound like the rarest of all breeds: an involved father.

Here in the boring Midwest, fathers are home for dinner. I don't really know any families who don't eat dinner all together. This is not prime-time news - it's our normal.

Evidently Mr. "Come Home for Dinner" also has a book deal in the works.

Hmm..maybe I should call Random House to let them know that sometimes in our house, we have both breakfast AND dinner together....

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Diva Mom Vicki said...

Dan does the dishes every night too... is there a dishwashing gene in guys whose name starts with 'D'?