Monday, June 30, 2008


Signs that we may be decidedly un-American:

- I don't think $4/gallon is too much to pay for gas. In fact, we'd welcome higher taxes on gas if they went straight to improving this country's infrastructure.

- The only sporting event we watched as a family so far this year was the Euro 2008, yesterday. Son D even wore his Ballack jersey for part of the game.

- Son D doesn't own a single Green Bay Packer Jersey, and has never, to my knowledge, seen a full football game.

- Husband D works for a European company and spends huge amounts of time in Asia.

- I think Obama's treatment of Muslims this week has been obscene. Since when is simply being a Muslim a smear? To me, he is playing right into the hands of those ignorant crazies who equate Muslim with Terrorist. Obama - you don't have to do this. The American people are smarter than you think they are.

- I refuse to wear any type of flag clothing. When I see a woman with a US Flag plastered across her ass, I cringe. I don't want a flag pinned to me; I don't want it on my hat; I won't put it on a cheap T-shirt. To me, it's disrespectful of the flag. Really, the only time a flag should be worn is when, say, a team has just won the Euro2008. (Go Spain!)


jharrald said...

Okay, so you agree with your Dad... but for me patriotism is as broad as someone's backside and if that's where they decide to show it, it's okay by me. I'd rather show it by supporting my candidate, but not everyone has that ability or time... let's remain open to all those who consider themselves lovers of our country.

LisaS said...

I don't think $4/gallon is too much, either, considering most of the rest of world pays at least twice that much! We spoiled Americans need to get a clue!

and I agree with you on the rest, too.