Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Every minute of my day is filled with Baseball

Son D. is 5.

Did you know that when boys turn 5, all they want to do is play baseball? Doesn't matter what kind - T Ball, Whiffle Ball, Soft Ball. As long as there is a bat and a ball, we're set.

The fact that it is still 40 degrees in Wisconsin? doesn't matter
The fact that we still have a clump of snow in our yard? doesn't matter
The fact that none of us here have any baseball skills? nope, no biggie

He makes me wear my Red Sox hat as we play games. He wears the Mallards hat his grandfather bought him. Inevitably the Mallards beat the Red Sox. (the Mallards being our local minor league team, of course.) But occasionally we switch hats, and the Red Sox win.

It occurs to me that he is growing up thinking of the Red Sox as a WINNING TEAM. He thinks they are always in the World Series. His only experience of Bill Buckner will be watching the standing ovation for the opening pitch yesterday.

That's just wrong. Where will he learn character? How will he grow spiritually without the feeling the despair of watching his favorite team lose year after year after year (but coming *so* close)

Perhaps we'll have to start cheering for the Cubs now that we live in the Midwest?


Bridgett said...

OOH! That's a harsh legacy to doom your child to! The Cubs?? ;^)

Suzanne said...

If you're looking for a perpetually loser team (since 1980, at least), may I humbly suggest our very own Phillies? I am always surprised that the fans emerge each spring with such fervent hopes for a good season, hopes that are inevitably dashed in September.

LisaS said...

or, while they're not a consistently losing team, the Cardinals provide enough up-and-down in the course of a season to emotionally exhaust a person.

with the Sox turned into a decent team, when the Cubs win a World Series I'm gonna be looking around for the Rapture.